Q: Is Snapstouch free?
A: Yes, Snapstouch offers all image effects with free of cost.

Q: Why my Snapstouch effect is not good?
A: There could be multiple reasons for this...
    a) If image resolution is less than 600x600 then this could be the reason of not getting good snapstouch effect.
    b) If image is not captured properly, i.e. image is captured in low light or image is blurred then it might give bad effect.
So try with some another image for good Snapstouch effect.

Q: What is the maximum size resolution Snapstouch support?
A: Snapstouch supports upto image file size of 3 MB.

Q: Why it's taking too much time for showing resultant image?
A: If image is high resolution then it might be taking time to upload the image and creating the effect; other reason could be because of the load, too many people might be using the same effect.

Q: What do you do with our uploaded photo?
A: We don't keep any uploaded photo and keep deleting on regular basis, we maintain the privacy of all uploaded photo.

Q: Do you also send hard copy of Snapstouch effect?
A: No we don't work on printing the image and mailing to the user, we just offer image effects online only.

Q: Snapstouch website is not responding, Is this down?
A: We make sure that website is up and running always but there could be possibilities of being down sometime , if you are getting issues then wait for sometime and visit again or report us at