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    Color Effects


Interesting color effect

We have many interesting color effects i.e. color photo to black & white photo, sepia/vintage color effect, color dithering, color swapping etc.

Color photo to Black& White:

This effect converts your color image to black & white image, you would interesting effect by using this option.

Sepia/Vintage color effect:

This effect converts your color image to Sepia/Vintage image, you would love to see this effect in your photo. 

Dithering color effect:

This effect dithers your color image and create an interesting effect, you would love to see your dithered photo. 

Swap the colors in photo:

Sometime swapping the colors creates good image effect and gives new shade to your photo. In this Snapstouch effect you can swap primary colors Red to Green, Green to Blue and Blue to Red and can give new effect. You should try all given options to get a good image effect. This effect swaps the color by given choice. Sometime one color swapping outperforms to other so you should try all options.

How to create a good color effect with Snapstouch:  

Creating color effect, first you need to browse your high quality photo and then press the UPLOAD button, once your photo gets uploaded, COLOR IT button will be visible, then you need to select your choice of color effect. There are many options of color effects, you need to select one and click the COLOR IT  button and a new image will be appeared with color effect. If you want to download the image with color effect, you can download by clicking the DOWNLOAD button.